Nexo STM M46 Main Module

Injection-moulded high-power cabinet with innovative components for enhanced performance.

Nexo STM M46 Main Module

Flat-membrane drivers ensure completely even and full-range coverage over entire 90° horizontal dispersion. HF frequency range remains completely linear, using Kepton Polymer diaphragms that enhance tonal response and long throw.

Key Features

  • 4 x 6.5 inch LF/MF Drivers
  • 4 x HF Compression Drivers
  • 145dB peak SPL
  • Frequency response: 85Hz-20kHz
  • H350mm/W575mm/D715mm
  • 55Kg/121lb
  • Dispersion 90° H x 0-10°V


STM M46 with NXAMP 4x4
Frequency Response [a] 85Hz – 19kHz ±3dB
Usable Range @-6dB [a] 80Hz – 20kHz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m [b] 110dB SPL Nominal
Nominal Peak SPL @ 1m [b] 145dBPeak
Dispersion [c] 90° Horizontal x 0-10° vertical
Crossover Frequency 1.5 kHz
Nominal Impedance LF-MF:16O (12 O min) – HF: 16O (12 O min)
Amplified Controller NXAMP4x4 - 3xSTM M46 in parallel on 2 NXAMP4x4 channels - 2x4000W/2O
Product Features
LF-MF Components 4 x 6.5” (17cm) 16 O flat membrane high excursion drivers.
HF Components 4 x 2.5” voice coil. 1.4” throat Neodymium 16 O drivers. Kepton Polymer diaphragm
Height x Width x Depth 350 x 575 x 715 mm – 13.78” x 22.64” x 28.15”
Weight Net 55 kg – 121 Lb
Connectors 2 x NL8-MDV Speakon 8 poles (in/out) & 1 x NLT4-MDV Speakon 4 poles (to STM S118 and B112)
Construction PU Composite Low Density – Polyurethane water based black coating
Handles 3 handles (2 sides and 1 rear)
Front Perforated Dark Grey Metal Grille
Rigging Integral 3 points flying system. Intercabinet angle adjustments from 0.2° to 10° in logarithmic steps.
System Operation
Electronic Controller The NEXO NXAMP4x4 presets are precisely matched to the STM Series cabinets and include sophisticated protection algorithms. Using STM Series cabinets without a properly connected NEXO NXAMP4x4 will result in poor sound quality and can damage components.
SubBass STM S118 extends system low frequency response down to 25Hz
Speaker Cabling 1-/1+: SUB - 2-/2+: LF – 3-/3+: LF-MF 4-/4+: HF
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