QM 212S 2 x 12" Passive Sub-bass

QM 212S is a multi chamber band-pass design with the additional hybrid direct radiating pressure chamber loading of its two purpose designed 12" bass drivers.

Thanks to Quest manufactured, high-tech woofer designs and the high efficiency, twin chamber acoustic design, the compact QM212S delivers the tight punchy bass ideal for medium sized venues.

Multi chamber design: The QM 212S is designed using the in twin asymmetrical acoustic chambers that deliver very high speaker loading and output from a relatively small cabinet profile. It is ideal for use in live applications that require reproduction of low frequencies with very high transient content at high output levels.

Quest designed components: Band-pass type speaker box design is a high efficiency loading but can impose unique stresses on drivers. The QM212S woofer components are designed and manufactured to deal with high transient stresses, high temperatures and deliver long-term reliability without loss of sonic performance or efficiency.

QM212S Front
QM 212S Front

QM212S 2 QM212S with Wheel board
QM 212S with Wheel board


  • High efficiency acoustic design delivers over 130dB of output
  • Two 12", high output, high efficiency low frequency drivers with 3" (75mm), high temperature voice coil assembly and carbon fiber reinforced cone assemblies
  • Professional, Baltic birch construction with highly resistant polymer coating
  • Two recessed side handles for simplified handling and carrying
  • Polymer steel reinforced, low friction skids are located on two sides allowing vertical or horizontal system set up and secure stacking lock-up
  • Two internal corner braces with four M10 suspension points
  • Top hat for pole insertion and speaker placement


  • Quick release dolly cart wheel board
  • Transit cover

QM212S Wheel board release
QM 212S Wheel board release

QM212S Wheel board locking close up
QM 212S Wheel board locking close up

QM212S Wheel board release
QM 212S Wheel board release


  • 131 dB max SPL, 750 Watt RMS
  • Equipped with Quest high power 2 x12" long coil ceramic magnet woofers
  • Birch ply cabinet with recessed parallel Speakon inputs 8Ω
  • 36mm speaker pole top hat
  • Recessed handles
  • Optional Transit cover
  • Optional wheel quick release wheel board
  • Suited for permanent installation and mobile live sound
  • Dimensions: H500mm x W700mm x D720mm
  • Weight: 54Kg

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