RD 2008 Voice File

The RD 2008 digital recorder can be used for recording and delivering announcements, alarm messages, advertising spots, etc.

RD 2008 Voice File

It offers two operating modes:

  • recording/playback of 4 messages of 30 seconds each
  • recording/playback of 2 messages of 60 seconds each.

RD 2008 Voice File front and back panel

As a source for recording messages, you can use the microphone on the front panel, an external dynamic microphone, or an external audio source (e.g. cassette player). At the moment of recording, you can decide whether to have the announcement preceded or followed by a warning signal (siren).

The RD 2008 is equipped with an input for an external musical source, which is normally played in the areas covered when there is no announcement playback in progress. When an announcement is being played, this source is automatically excluded. Ideal for shopping centres or Super Markets.

TAPE IN input with adjustable sensitivity. MUSIC IN input. Input for external microphone, with adjustable sensitivity.


  • Input for a external Microphone
  • Alarm Button front mounted
  • Inbuilt monitor speaker
  • Independent level control for messages, siren and monitor speaker
  • Terminals for remote triggering alarm function
  • Terminals for remote triggering messages
  • 24v DC current capability
  • Possible top block the use of front panel controls
  • The unit may be configured so that when the alarm function is activated, the switching contact of an auxiliary relay inside the recorder is activated


RD 2008 Voice File Dimension Diagram

Type: Digital recorder - Rack mount
Message memory: EPROM, 100 years of retention
Recording cycles: 100.000 cycles
Message warning signal: Siren
Message frequency band: 20 Hz÷3,8 kHz
Sampling frequency: 8 kHz
Microphone: Electret - Unidirectional
Inputs - sensitivity:  
1"MIC2" , -2,45 mV - 1
"MUSIC IN" -775 mV - 1,
"TAPE IN" -775 mV
Outputs Voltage:
1"AUDIO OUTPUT" - 775 mV
Remote control functions Message playback - Alarm function
Power supply/ Consumption: 115/230 Vac (± 5%) 50/60 Hz / 10 VA
Backup power supply: 24 Vdc
Dimensions: 483x44x244 mm. (1RU)
Weight: 3.5 Kg.

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