itC T-2S01 Audio Mixer

The T-2S01 is a public address pre-amplifier with ten selectable input channels.

itC T-2S01 Audio Mixer

Each channel can be set as either microphone or line input along with a high pass filtering option. Priority muting is achieved via the MIC 1 when overriding music for paging.

Rear Panel

itC T-2S01 Audio Mixer Rear Panel


  • 2 channel mixer with 10 selectable inputs
  • Remote paging console T-319 can be used as mic 1 with highest input priority
  • Microphone inputs 2-4 include VOX selector over inputs 5-10 as well as phantom power
  • All 10 inputs can be used as mic or line channels and each channel has a high pass filtering option
  • Inputs 7-10 can be connected either by XLR mic inputs or by dual RCA line inputs
  • Dual channel XLR line outputs
  • A chime can be selected and assigned to channel1, channel 2 or channel 1+2 outputs
  • Built-in 2/4 tone pre-set chime, remote chime trigger and local trigger on front panel
  • Volume controls are provided over chime, MIC1, inputs 2-10, channel 1 and channel 2 masters
  • * Bass and treble tone control are provided for both channel 1 and channel 2
  • Indicators for input 1-10, power and 2 channel level meters
  • 230V or DC 24V operation


Input Sensitivity/Impedance
MIC/ Line ±2.45mV/5KΩ balanced, ±245mV)/5KΩ balanced
Line RCA In 500mV/5KΩ unbalanced
Output Level/Impedance
Master 1, 2 +4dBu/200Ω balanced
REC 0dBu/10KΩ unbalanced
Frequency Response
Less Than -1dB(20Hz~20KHz)
S/N Ratio
MIC More than 60dB
Line More than 75dB
MIC Less than 0.05%
Line More than 0.03%
MIC More than 60dB
Line More than 75dB
Power Consumption Power 13W
Power Supply 230V/50Hz & DC 24V
Dimensions 484 x 295x 44 mm
Weight 3.9Kg

Connection Diagram

itC T-2S01 Audio Mixer Connection Diagram

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