itC T-6704 4 Channel Network Adapter

The T-6704 is a powerful four core TCPIP network audio system.

itC T-6704 4 Channel Network Adapter

The T-6704 features four individual TCP\IP decoders making it four independent IP receivers in one. The T-6704 is connected via dual Ethernet and behaves on the network as four independent devices each with its own IP. In addition to the four IP decoders, each group includes, a line input, an auxiliary input as well as EMC, line and auxiliary outputs.

The T-6705 can be connected to almost any existing network and can be programmed to receive four independent streams of audio directly from the Internet. Each of these groups can be assigned to their own zone. It can be connected to an external CD player such as the T-6221S and also features a local microphone input.

Ethernet connectivity provides many advantages such as extremely long cable runs as well as the ability to control the unit remotely and securely. The device can be accessed over IP and parameters such as local program selection, volume and device parameters such as the IP address can be managed remotely.

Rear Panel

itC T-6704 4 Channel Network Adapter rear panel


  • 2U rack mount design
  • Four independent IP decoders in a single unit
  • Directly receives up to four streams of audio via the Internet
  • Completely integrates with almost any existing TCP\IP network
  • Extremely cost effective network audio solution for multiple zone applications
  • One Aux input and one local microphone input, both with front panel volume control
  • Configurable remotely over IP - Volume control, IP address, local program selection etc.
  • Voice evacuation system with higher priority and local input with secondary priority
  • Local input and program source priority fully customisable
  • Additional volume controls can be wired from the rear of the unit


Network Input 2 x RJ45 port (1 required, 1 for redundancy)
Transmit Speed 10/100Mbps
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, UDP & IGMP
Audio Format MP3/MP2
Sampling Rate 8K~48K
Transmission Speed 10Mbps/100Mbps
Audio Mode 16 bit, 4431kHz
Frequency Output (+1dB, -3dB)
T.H.D 0.3%
S/N Ratio >70dB
Four Zone Aux Input Four inputs,350mV, standard screw terminals
Four Zone Aux Output Four outputs,1V, standard screw terminals
Aux Output Impedance 1K?/470Ω
All Zone Input Mic and Aux input with customisable priority
Four zone indicators: voice over alarm (red),
priorityinput (orange)
network audio input (green)
Power Consumption 40W
Power Supply ~230V/50Hz
Dimensions 484 x 450 x 88 mm
Weight 8kg

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