ART 712-A 2-way Active Speaker System

You need to amplify some speech, recorded music and finish the show with a live set?

ART 712-A 2-way Active Speaker System

ART 712-A is the answer: a multi purpose speaker that represents the best choice for situations in which a full frequency range with deep bass and high definition is needed. The ART 712-A is a very versatile speaker that can be easily used also for monitoring applications.


  • 750 Watt digital bi-amplification
  • 129 dB max spl
  • Wide dispersion 90° x 90° constant directivity horn
  • 12" High power neodymium woofer, 3" voice coil
  • 1" Titanium dome, neodymium high frequency driver
  • Electronic equalization, soft limiter and protection
  • Xlr/jack combo input, xlr signal output


ART 712-A Input Panel
ART 712-A Input Panel

Frequency Response: 50-20 kHz
Max SPL: 129dB
Coverage angle: 90° x 60°
Compression driver 1"neo 1.7" v.c
Woofer: 12" neo 3" v.c.
Input Connector: Combo XLR-Jack
Output Connector: XLR
Crossover Frequencies: 1700 Hz
Controls: EQ shape
Nominal Power: 750-Watt

Physical Specifications

ART 712-A

Height: 637mm
Width: 384mm
Depth: 363mm
Net Weight: 17.2Kg

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