ART 715-A 2-way Active Speaker System

Tired of worrying about the fact that the voice isn't cutting through the mix on the stage?

ART 715-A 2-way Active Speaker System

Well, why not try the ART 715-A as a stage monitor. This is the perfect speaker for live sound situations where you need extra punch in bass reproduction and extremely accurate high frequency response to hear the voice when the band is playing at full throttle.


  • 750 Watt digital bi-amplification
  • 130 dB max spl
  • Wide dispersion 90° x 60° constant directivity horn
  • 15" High power neodymium woofer, 3" voice coil
  • 1" Titanium dome, neodymium high frequency driver
  • Electronic equalization, soft limiter and protection
  • Xlr/jack combo input, xlr signal output


ART 715-A Input Panel
ART 715-A Input Panel

Frequency Response: 50-20 kHz
Max SPL: 129dB
Coverage angle: 90° x 60°
Compression driver 1"neo 1.7" v.c
Woofer: 15" neo 3" v.c.
Input Connector: Combo XLR-Jack
Output Connector: XLR
Crossover Frequencies: 1700 Hz
Controls: EQ shape
Nominal Power: 750-Watt

Physical Specifications

ART 715-A

Height: 708mm
Width: 437mm
Depth: 389mm
Net Weight: 18.2Kg

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