AlphaE -M Mid-Hi Module

AlphaE -M uses an exponential horn loaded 10" MF driver and a constant directivity horn loaded 2" HF driver giving 75° x 30° dispersion.

AlphaE -M Mid-Hi Module

Operable 2-way passive for cost-effective system designs or 2-way active for ultimate performance and control, the AlphaE -M has a frequency response of 220Hz-19kHz.

Together with a B1-18 Bass, the AlphaE-M delivers outstanding performance as a compact, arrayable medium scale system or a flexible near or side-fill supplement to the Alpha System.


  • High power Mid/Hi module (140dB peak SPL @ 1m) with horn loaded 10" MF and 3" HF components
  • Configurable as passive or 2-way active: integrated DSP with NX242 Digital TDcontroller ensures reliable, linear operation
  • Baltic birch cabinet and high performance honeycomb composite construction
  • Available in dark grey carpet covering or textured black paint
  • Integrated flying system hardware for Crossbow flying system or standard aircraft fittings
  • Ergonomically designed for flying or ground stacking, easy touring handling and truck packs.
ALPHA-e M Dimension Diagram

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