Apex dBZ-48 Stereo Distribution Mixer

The versatility and performance of the dBZ-48 makes it an ideal solution for fixed installations, live sound, multi-media and broadcast applications.

Housed in a 1U 19" rack enclosure, the dBZ-48 features two stereo analogue inputs and four stereo analogue outputs, with comprehensive metering and control throughout.

dBZ-48 Stereo distribution mixer front and rear panels

Each stereo input provides clear and precise LED metering, with the addition of Mute, Mono Sum and gain adjustment facilities. Similarly, each stereo output section comes fitted with identical features, with the addition of independent mix controls for both stereo inputs, allowing unique stereo mixes to be sent to each output.

The dBZ-48 provides the versatility to be employed in many situations.

For security purposes, an optional front panel guard is available to prevent anyone from tampering with the dBZ-48 controls.

As found with all Apex products, audio quality and reliability are of primary importance. The dBZ-48 continues this philosophy with very low noise and distortion figures, immunity against external RF sources and electronically balanced I/O (enabling long cable runs to be achieved with minimal signal degradation).


Zone Mixer

The dBZ-48 allows installers to mix two stereo sources (for example, a multi-disc CD player and a hard disk based playout device) to four separate zone outputs. The four stereo outputs can then be wired to active speakers, amplifiers or speaker management systems in each zone.

The dBZ-48 can quickly be configured to provide mono outputs if required without the need to alter any internal parameters.

Stereo Distribution Amplifier

It is now a common requirement to distribute a single stereo source to multiple destinations, whether they be to rooms in an installation or theatre, to FOH and Monitor consoles or for dedicated broadcast or recording feeds. The dBZ-48 comfortably provides this functionality in a way that is simple, effective and quick to configure.

Stereo Merge

In many situations there is a requirement to merge multiple stereo sources. It may be the case that in a live environment the output of two FOH consoles need to be merged together. Alternatively there may be a requirement to free channel resources on a FOH console by removing any CD or hard disk playout device. The solution is to mix these sources together within the dBZ-48. By using the dBZ-48 the process is quick and efficient.


dBZ-48 Stereo distribution mixer

  • Professional quality and reliability
  • Mute control for each input and output section
  • Mono sum for each input and output section
  • Comprehensive LED metering, with Clip indication
  • Electronically balanced inputs and outputs (XLR connectors throughout)
  • RF filtering on audio I/O and mains supply
  • Universal switch-mode power supply
  • Optional front panel guard for security

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