Camco CAI INTERFACE Remote Control

CAMCO Vortex series amplifiers are supplied with a remote control facility as standard (Camco Amplifier Interface: CAI).

The Tecton series can be upgraded for remote control via the use of the controller-module or a combined controller / network-module.

Cost Efficient Network

Camco CAI INTERFACE Remote Control Diagram

The CAI interface is a cost efficient solution, which via a RJ11 connector handles all the amplifiers settings and status readings. Up to 32 amplifiers can be daisy chained together into a CAI network (blue lines on the illustration above).

Ethernet & TCP/IP Compatible

The EtherCAI module is a network-bridge between the CAI network (blue lines) and a standard TCP/IP & Ethernet network (orange lines) which together makes an EtherCAI network (blue + orange lines). Thus remote control is possible through LAN, WLAN and the Internet.

Remote Control of Infinite Amplifiers

Several EtherCAI modules can be connected to the same standard Ethernet router. There's no upper limit to the number of amps which can be remote controlled by a PC over EtherCAI network.

User-friendly Software

WinCAI remote control software screen

The remote control software provides a user-friendly and intuitive graphical user interface, which enables remote control of all amplifiers connected to the EtherCAI network. All registered users of CAMCO amplifiers can receive CAMCO's remote control software free of charge. Please contact your CAMCO dealer for further information.he number of amps which can be remote controlled by a PC over EtherCAI network.

Control of All Parameters

The WinCAI software provides access to all the amplifiers front plate read outs, amongst others: Signal. Clip and Protect. Additionally the amplifiers mute function is also accessible. Furthermore WinCAI offers peak meter readouts of the output stages voltage and current as well as dynamic readout of the amplifiers temperature.

The WinCAI remote control software offers different views of amplifiers in a group, for easy overview and control. Illustrated here vertical, horizontal and rack-view of the same amplifier group. Amplifier groups and views are easy to define by drag'n'drop functionality in the network tree (upper left corner).

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