Camco Controller Modules

CAMCO controller-modules allows the upgrade of a CAMCO amplifier into a Universal Controller Amplifier (UCA), with the option for advanced audio network and remote control

Loudspeaker Management System

Camco Controller Module

The controller-module offers a complete loudspeaker management system. Per channel it offers 30 fully parametric EQ's, delays, llR-filters, X-over up to 10th order and 2 independent limiters.

Audio Network, Your choice

The controller-module is available in three input formats. The choice is yours. Either, analog, EtherSound or CobraNet. Total compatibility with today's standards within digital audio networks.

Remote Control as Standard

As standard the controller-module offers access to the remote control of the amplifier. For controller-modules with audio network input, remote control can be achieved via this network, thus avoiding two cable lines to the amplifiers.

Controller Software

Camco Controller Software screen

Access, configuration and control of the controller-modules are achieved via the controller software, which also functions as the remote control software. Software is free for all registered users; please see your local CAMCO dealer for further information.

Linear Frequency and Phase Response

A unique feature is the possibility to use advanced FIR-filter settings by downloading speaker parameters from an accredited measurement system. This makes it possible to achieve a linear frequency and phase response from any loudspeaker or loudspeaker system. Please contact CAMCO for further information.

The powerful controller DSP offers up to 4 paths in a multi-path routing structure. This allows emulation of passive X-over filters, thus making it possible to control EQ, limiter and delay settings for individual speaker drivers in a passive X-over system.

The advanced thermo and peak limiter functions can be combined with the amplifier's limiter, thus always maximising power output of the entire system with optimal protection.

Specifications: UCA-X-AN UCA-X-ES UCA-X-CN*
Audio Network - EtherSound CobraNet
Input Connector 2 x 3 pin XLR RJ45 EtherCon RJ45 connector
No. of Channels 2 2 of 64 2 of 64
Remote Control via CAI port Via audio network Via audio network
Software WinCAI WinCAI WinCAI
AD Converter 127 dB dynamic range - -
Max. input level 22 dBu - -
Sample Rate 48 kHz 48 kHz 48 kHz
Analogue outputs, internal  
 Converter:  24 Bit with Delta/Sigma converters 
 Output voltage:  1,4 V RMS, optimised for Vortex and Tecton amps 
 Dynamic range:  114 dB typical, optimised for Vortex and Tecton amps 
Latency:  1 ms from input to analogue output 
Routing & gain: Routing of all inputs. Gain adjustment on input and output of UCA Module 
Limiters per channel: Independent limiters, adjustable in threshold and release time. 
Delay: Up to 1,8 sec 21 usec increments 
Filters & EQ per channel: Graphic EQ-settings. Drag-and-drop control of filter curves. 30 fully parametric EQs, adjustable in frequency, amplitude, quality and characteristic. X-over up to 10th order. shelving filters 
Speaker protection: Foresight limiter with "controlled overshoot" for utilisation of the impulse reserves of the amplifier with regards to the loudspeaker's thermal equivalent circuit diagram 
FIR-filters: Possibility for high-precision FIR-filtering via the accredited measurement systems. Optimisation to a designated transferfunction. 

* In preparation

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