Digico EX-007: Digico SD7 Fader Expansion Unit

The EX-007 is designed to substantially increase the number of available faders and the number of channels controllable at any one time on an SD7 - and from a distance of up to 100 metres via a cost-effective Cat5 cable connection.

It is possible to augment an SD7 with two EX-007s, each acting as a control panel to provide 24 faders and two additional touch screens, as well as metering and other standard functions, transforming the already impressive SD7 into a 100-fader mixing console.

The EX-007 networks to the SD7, has its own power supply and its own PC.

EX-007 Front

"The EX-007 has many applications," says DiGiCo managing director, James Gordon. "For touring, there's the obvious advantage of more faders and the ability to control everything that's on the main desk from multiple locations – ideal for shows where a number of mix positions are required because of a multi-stage set up.

EX-007 Back

"For fixed installations, the EX-007 can be used as a remote surface and, because it can be situated up to 100m away and controls both inputs and outputs, you can have your SD7 in the control room at the back of the theatre and your EX-007 in the auditorium. Also, the EX-007 is substantially smaller than the SD7, which has the added advantage of freeing up more seats and consequently means more revenue for the theatre."

The EX-007 comes with the assurance that it will work with all existing SD7 and SD-7T consoles, as well as future products in the SD-7 family. So whether you are simply adding extra faders, or require a remote surface in a separate location, the EX-007 opens up a world of opportunities both now and into the future.

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