NEXO NX242 TDcontroller

NEXO NX242 TDcontroller is an advanced, proprietary digital processor that maintains exceptional performance and reliability in GEO, Alpha and PS loudspeaker systems and associated Sub-basses.

NEXO NX242 TDcontroller

The NX242 provides crossover, sensed-amplifier control and system alignment acoustically matched to each NEXO component.

The NX242's complex software algorithms integrate this calibrated data with sensed-voltage measurements,while analogue I/O functions share rear panel space with digital Audio Distribution and System Control over Standard Ethernet via EtherSoundTM connection using the NXtension-ES4 Expander Board.

NX242-Specific Functions

(When equipped with the NXtension board)

  • Controls all NX242 TDcontroller functions
  • Advanced Patching operation
  • Provides Group operation
  • Provides hardware security lock (via NX242)
  • Provides protection monitoring

General Audio & Control Functions

  • Ready for bi-directional Audio path
  • Control via MIDI-tunneling any EtherSound device and dedicated MIDI control software
  • Save/recall all parameters


  • Precision circuits engineered for NEXO loudspeakers permit increased sound pressure and operational reliability
  • Integral loudspeaker management for all NEXO systems, providing crossover, driver protection and system alignment
  • DSP fully integrated with GEO, PS Series, AlphaE Series and Alpha System
  • User configurable inter-channel gain, delay and array EQ
  • Highest quality audio performance, 24bit data with 48bit accumulator; 100MIPS
  • 2x audio inputs, 4x audio outputs and 4x sense-inputs enable a single NX242 to easily manage multiple NEXO loudspeakers within each product range
  • Comprehensive 16x2 character backlit LCD display, indicators and controls
  • UL Certification: UL60065 Seventh Edition, dated June 30, 2003 category AZSQ, E241312
  • CB test certificate DK-8371 based on IEC60065- 2001 7nd-ed. with all national deviations

NX242 Specifications

Output Level: +28dBu Max into 600Ω
Dynamic Range: All Channels = 110dB
THD+N Output: Typ 0.005% @ 1000Hz @ 27dBu
Latency Time: 2.2ms flat set-up
Output Level: 110-220V, 50- 60Hz continuous operation (Operating range 90-264V)
Audio Inputs:

2x L&R Heavy Duty Audio inputs, 24bit convertors, Electronically balanced and floating, 20kΩ, CMMR=80dB, 2x XLR 3 connectors

Sense Inputs:

4x Amplifier Sense- Inputs, 18bit converters, Floating 150kΩ, 8-Pole Removable Strip Terminal

Audio Outputs: 4x outputs, 24bit converters, electronically balanced, 50Ω. 3x XLR-3M connectors
Processing: 24bit data with 48bit accumulator. 100MIPS
Front panel: Menu A and Menu B buttons. 16 x 2 character backlit LCD Display. Select Wheel and Enter Button; Four MUTE/SOLO Buttons
Indicators: 4x Speaker Protect YELLOW LEDs. 4x GREEN Amp Sense LEDs. 4x RED Peak LEDs. 4x RED Mute LEDs; 2x RED LEDs; Input CLIP and DSP CLIP
Rear panel: On/Off Mains switch; mains IEC socket; RS232 serial communications connector; Expansion slot for processor extension card;
Flash/EPROM: Software upgrades and new cabinet set-ups are available from
Dimensions: 1RU(19-in) Width, 230mm Depth
Weight: 3.8kg net

Sample User Control Specifications

System Selection: Allows control of all NEXO ranges
System Set-up: Within the selected range, allows the cabinet to be set for passive or active mode, aux, mono or stereo subs, wedge or FOH operations depending on system selected. Up to 80x factory pre-sets
Protection: Peak Limiter, Displacement and Temperature protection on every channel; Physio control of the Protection limiter & compressors Soft Clip. Automatic tracking of amplifier clip point
Delay: Up to 150m of delay in 10cm steps; on Sub channel, Main channels or Sub + Main linked
Input Sensitivity: Level From 6dB to +12dB in 3dB steps
Output Level: Global and interchannel gain 6dB in 0.5dB steps
Amplifier Gain Reading: Allows amplifier gain checking with program material
Mute/Solo: Changes front panel buttons from Channel Mute to Solo
Save/Recall: Set-up Stores up to 10 user set-ups; On- the-fly recall, without mute or glitches for instant comparison
Array EQ: LF or HF shelving filter to compensate ground or stacking effects, +/-6dB
Security Mode: Password protected in Read-Only Mode.

Shipping & Ordering Specifications

  • Packaging: NX242s are sold as single items and multiples thereof
  • Shipping Weight & Volume: 1 x NX242 = 4kg 0.02cu m
  • Complying with the safety objectives of 73/23/EEC & 89/336/ EEC directives. (EN 60065-1998, EN55103-1996)UL Certification: UL60065 Seventh Edition, dated June 30, 2003 category AZSQ, E241312.CB test certificate DK-8371 based on IEC60065-2001 7nd ed. with all national deviations.

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