Nexo 45N-12 Line Monitor

NEXO's 45N-12 represents a true innovation in stage monitoring.

As a completely arrayable solution, the 45N-12 delivers a tight and focused beam of sound utilising NEXO's new monitor waveguide system.

Unlike conventional high frequency waveguides which are rectangular, the NEXO monitor waveguide has a curved "smile" enabling cabinets to be linked together to form arrays with no interference between wavefronts. For the first time, there is a completely scalable stage monitor designed to address the needs of all musicians.

The 45N-12 delivers extremely high headroom before feedback, and focuses coverage only where it's needed, resulting in lower acoustic power on stage. SPL and frequency response is consistent for up to 2.5 metres back.

The ingenious magnetic locking system joins multiple monitors together to form arrays instantly. The compact, low profile design is less conspicuous than conventional monitors making it perfect for stages and live television production alike. With a non-slip base, skid system and ergonomic handle, the 45N-12 is designed for fast and easy manoeuvrability on stage.

  • 45 N12 Array - Front
  • 45 N12 Front and Angles
  • 45 N12 Array Angle
  • 45 N12 Side and Rear
  • 45 N12 Rear and Underside
  • 45 N12 Waveguide Front and Angle


  • World's first line monitor.
  • Can be joined together into arrays to provide a scalable solution for wider coverage and higher SPLs.
  • Very high headroom before feedback.
  • Focuses coverage only where needed for lower acoustic power on stage.
  • Discreet, low profile design.
  • Ingenious magnetic locking system.
  • Non-slip base with skid system and ergonomic handle for easy repositioning on stage.

System Applications

  • Touring or fixed live sound applications.
  • Live television production.
  • Single monitor reference covering the needs of all musicians.

45N-12 Product Features

  • LF 1 x 12 (30 cm) high excursion Neodymium 8O. driver.
  • HF 1 x 3 voice coil 1.4" throat Neodymium 16O compression driver on a 22.5° hyperboloid reflective wavesource
Height x Width x Depth 392 x 492 x 576 mm
Net Weight 28 kg (62 lbs)
Connectors 2 x NL4MP Speakon 4 pole
Main structure: Baltic Birch Ply finished with structured black coating
Rear lower & bottom section: Aluminium with dark grey coating
Front vents & rear upper section: Injected polyurethane front vents, black coating
Fittings 4 handles (2 side metal recessed, 2 front and rear moulded
Front Finish Moulded dark grey metal grille
Locking Elements Integrated magnets for mechanical locking

System Specifications with NX TD Controller

Frequency Response [a] 55Hz -19kHz ±3dB.
Usable Range @-6dB [a] 50Hz -20kHz.
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m [b] 106dB SPL Nominal / 104dB SPL Wideband.
Nominal Peak SPL @ 1m [b] 1 unit: 137 to 140dB Peak / 2 units: 140 to 143dB Peak.
HF Dispersion [c]
  • 30° Horizontal -Scalable 30° steps when arrayed.
  • 22.5° Diagonal (Coupling Plane) -Scalable 22.5° steps when arrayed.
  • 60° Vertical (Asymmetrical for constant level 0 to 2.5m / 8ft).
Crossover Frequencies LF-HF: 1kHz Active or Passive (internally configurable).
Nominal Impedance Active LF 8O, HF 16O. Passive 8O.
Recommended Amplifiers Active LF 1000 to 1500 W 8. / HF 250 to 500 W 16O. Passive 1200 to 2000 W 8O.

[a] Response curves & data : Half-Space Far Field for the 45N-12 + NXTD.

[b] Sensitivity & Peak SPL data : these will depend on spectral distribution and crest factor of program material. Measured with band limited Pink Noise. Nominal refers to Voice Decade (300Hz - 3kHz), Wideband to the specified ±3dB range. Data are for speaker + processor + recommended amplifier combinations. Peak SPL is at clipping of recommended amplifier.

[c] Directivity curves & data : obtained by computer treatment on off axis response curves.

System Operations

Electronic Controller

The NEXO TDcontrollers presets are precisely matched to the 45N Series cabinets and include sophisticated protection. Using 45N Series cabinets without a properly connected NEXO TDcontroller will result in poor sound quality and can damage components.

Dispersion configuration

Internally mounted magnets allow 45N-12 inter-cabinet locking for coverage / SPL scalability


LS600 extends system low frequency response down to 38 Hz

Speaker Cabling
Active: 1-/1+:LF; 2-/2+: HF
Passive: 1-/1+: Not Connected; 2-/2+:LF + HF.

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