Nexo GEO S830 Tangent Array Module

Compact Nexo GEO S830 high output array module is intended for horizontal tangent arrays or as a downfill element in curved (tangent) vertical arrays to establish consistent SPL in all coverage areas.

Nexo GEO S830 Tangent Array Module

The unique geometry of the HRW™ allows the S830 to be used as a down-fill for vertical tangent arrays of S805 modules, or as a 30° building block in horizontal tangent arrays. In either orientation, the S830 delivers totally coherent high frequencies, transparent midrange and solid low end with its neodymium 1"- exit compression driver and long excursion 8" cone transducer.

The GEO S830 has proven the value and effectiveness of both vertical and horizontal tangent arrays. Its patent-pending Hyperboloid Reflective Wavesource creates tangent wavefronts whether the adjacent cabinets are additional S830s or 0.125°-5° GEO S805s.


Nexo GEO S830 Tangent Array Details

  • S830 can be deployed in horizontal or vertical tangent arrays
  • High power, long excursion neodymium 8" woofer delivers full range output from compact enclosures.
  • Light weight (13kg per module including precision array assembly system) construction allows GEO tangent arrays to be hung almost anywhere.
  • Configurable Directivity Device allows dispersion in the noncoupling plane to change from 80° to 120° through bolt-on flanges that alter the flare of the diffraction slot's exit.
  • Directivity Phase Device combines enhanced line source coupling in vertical arrays with extended low frequency response.
  • GEOSoft array design software predicts vertical tangent array performance for a wide range of venues.

Specifications with NX242 TDController

Nexo GEO S830 Tangent Array Module Dimension Diagram

Nexo GEO S830 Tangent Array Diagram

Frequency Response[a]: 67Hz - 19kHz ± 3dB
Usable Range @-6dB[a]: 60Hz - 20kHz
Sensitivity 1W @ 1m[b]: 99dB SPL Nominal
97dB SPL Wideband
Peak SPL @ 1m[b]: Configuration dependent[d]
Dispersion[c]: Coupling Plane: Not usable as a single cabinet. Configuration dependent[d].
Directivity Index[c]: Not usable as a single cabinet. Configuration dependent[d].
Non-Coupling Plane: 120° (configurable to 80°)
Crossover Frequencies: 1.6kHz Passive
Nominal Impedance 16Ω
Recommended Amplifiers: 1500 to 3000-w into 4Ω / 4x cabinets per channel. Up to 6x cabinets per channel may be connected to large amplifiers capable of operating into low impedance loads.
Connectors 2x NL4MP 4-pole SPEAKON (in & through)
Net Weight: 13kg
Speakon Connectors: 2 x 4 pole (Passive In & Loop Thru) + 1 x 4 Pole (Active In)
Construction: Baltic birch ply finish w/structured black coating. Dark grey carpet is optional.
Shape: 5° Trapezoid
Flying: Integral flying system. Intercabinet Angle Adjustments = 17.5° & 30°
Fittings: Grille Perforated Steel
  • [a] Response Curves and Data: Anechoic Far Field above 300Hz, Half-space below 300Hz. Usable Range Data: Frequency Response Capability with TD crossover slopes removed
  • [b] Sensitivity & Peak SPL: will depend on spectral distribution. Measured with band limited Pink Noise. Refers to the specified +/- 3dB range. Data are for Speaker + Processor + recommended amplifier combinations
  • [c] Directivity Curves and Data: 1/3 octave smoothed frequency response, normalized to On-Axis response. Data obtained by computer processing of off-axis response curves
  • [d] Please refer to the GEO User Manual.

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