Nexo NXAMP Powered TDcontrollers

Nexo NXAMP is a major breakthrough in high powered amplification for both fixed and mobile applications.

NXAMP 4x4 is among the industries most powerful amplifiers, providing cost-effective integration of command, control, protection and amplification of all NEXO loudspeaker systems. Lighter, and requiring less rack space than conventional amplifier/processor systems, NXAMP eliminates unnecessary A/D conversion and has the option for EtherSound Networking.

Nexo NXAMP 4x1 Powered TDcontroller

Nexo NXAMP 4x1 Powered TDcontroller

NexoNXAMP 4x4 Powered TDcontroller

NexoNXAMP 4x4 Powered TDcontroller


Audio Inputs: 4x balanced analogue inputs on XLR3 with a second XLR3 for linking, using 24bit converters
4x digital inputs via the optional network card slot at the back.
Power Outputs: 4x Speakon outputs using internal power relay for automatic output assignment regarding setup
RS232 port: Allow firmware upgrade for software improvement and new cabinet setups.
GPIO port: 5x Global Purpose Inputs and 8x Global Purpose Outputs for simple remote control and monitoring
Processing: Two DSPs, 24bit data with 48bit accumulator. 700MIPS
Front Panel: On/Off Mains switch, Select Wheel, Menu A and Menu B buttons, 40 characters by 2 lines display. Amp protect, Stand-by and power LED's. Then for each channel: volume indicator (15x LEDs), Individual Mute buttons and red LED, output current signal green led, Speaker Protection yellow LED, Amp. Peak red LED
Rear Panel: 1 (NXAMP4x1) or 2 (NXAMP4x4) mains socket; RS232 serial communications connector; GPIO port, Expansion slot for networking audio extension card, 4 XLR inputs with link and 4 Speakon 4 outputs





Number of amplifiers channels: 4x channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable 4x channels, 2 by 2 bridgeable
Max. output voltage (no load): 4 x 105Volts 4 x 200Volts
Max. output power (8Ω): 4 x 600W 4 x 1900W
Max. output power (4Ω): 4 x 900W 4 x 3300W
Max. output power (2Ω): 4 x 1300W 4 x 4000W
Power consumption (Standby): 10W 20W
Power consumption (Idle): 100W 150W
Power consumption (1/8 Power) 1100W 3000W
Net Weight: 16.5kg 24.5kg
Dimensions 3U 19" Rack - 457 mm Depth 4U 19" Rack - 457 mm (18") Depth

Nexo NXAMP 4x4 Powered TDcontroller back panel
Nexo NXAMP 4x4 Powered TDcontroller Back Panel Diagram

User Controls

System Selection: Allows control across all NEXO ranges
System Set-up: Within the selected range, if possible, allows cabinets to be set for passive or active mode, wideband or crossover mode, choose among available crossover point, cardioid or supercardioid mode
Protection: Multiple Peak Limiters fitted for both selected cabinet and amplifier. Multiple Acceleration, Displacement and Temperature protections on every channel. Inter-channel regulation
Delay: Up to 150m (330 ft.) of delay in 10cm (.4in ) steps
Input Patching: Allows any of the 4x analogue (or digital) inputs combination to be routed on each output.
Output Gain: Global and interchannel gain ±6dB in 0.5dB steps
Volume control: Each channel with 16x steps from – inf dB to 0dB
Save/Recall: Set-up Stores up to 40x user set-ups; On-the-fly recall, without mute or glitches for instant comparison
Array EQ: LF or HF shelving filters to compensate ground or stacking effects. ±6dB, frequency factory tuned
Security Mode: Password protected for Read-Only or Remote-Only Mode
Remote control: Full remote control via the Ethersound protocol and ESmonitor software
Certification: UL, SEMKO (CE), CCC, KOREA, TSS, PSE
Green status: Compliant with ROHS and WEEE directive

Nexo NXAMP Powered TDcontrollers  Dimension Diagram

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