P6215 Weatherproof Two Way Loudspeaker System

The P6215 is a weatherproof full range, wide-dispersion, coaxial two way loudspeaker system offering substantial power and efficiency for a variety of professional indoor or outdoor applications.

P6215 Weatherproof Two Way Loudspeaker System

The high-frequency section is a constant directivity CMD horn loaded to a 1.3" RCF Precision Neodymium compression driver with a 2.5" diaphragm assembly for smooth, wide dispersion. The low-frequency transducer is a 15" woofer with a 3" voice coil. The P6215 is a dedicated high power version for very high output and longer throw applications.

The cabinet is a single piece rotational moulded in medium density polyethylene, fully UV protected.The cabinet is equipped with 12 x M 10 brass inserts, a stainless steel U-Bracket and pair of spacers for 90° mounting. The front logo is in aluminium and rotatable.

The grille is in custom perforated aluminium with open-cell fibres and water repellent woven fabric backing.

P6215 Weatherproof Two Way Loudspeaker System Cluster


  • Weatherproof cabinet
  • Aluminium grill and stainless steel bracket
  • One 15" high-output LF transducer with 3" voice coil
  • One RCF Precision Neo 1.3" C. Driver with 2.5" voice coil
  • 60° x 60° conical horn for P6215
  • 10° X 20° enclosure sides for array configurations
  • Active Mosfet Compression Driver Protection
  • 12 brass suspension points (M10)
  • line transformer


  • Outdoor Sound Reinforcement in medium and large spaces
  • Very High-Level AV Playback
  • Flown cluster configurations
  • Large speech systems
  • Music Sound Reinforcement

System Specification

Freq. Range (-10 dB): 75Hz-20KHz
Freq. Range (-3 dB): 120 Hz-20KHz
Horizontal coverage angle: 60°
Vertical coverage angle: 60°
Directivity Factor Q: 12.8
System Sensitivity: 100 dB 1W @ 1m
Rated Maximum SPL: 128 dB
System Nominal Impedance:
System Input Power Rating RMS: 600W
System Input Power Rating Peak: 2400W
HF Protection: Dynamic
Crossover: 1.1 KHz


Frequency Nominal Impedance Input Power Rating Sensitivity
Low :15" (380mm) With 5.5" (76.2mm) coil 450W AES; 900W Peak 101 dB, 1W @ 1m
High :1.3" (33mm) throat, 2.5" (64mm) 90W AES; 180W Peak 108 dB, 1W @ 1m

Physical Specifications

Enclosure Trapezoidal, 10° Horizontal side angles, 20° Vertical side angles 8 mm Polyethylene rotomoulded
Input System: 2 x 2.5mm square, 5m Neoprene cable
Rigging Inserts: 12 x M10 inserts + U-Bracket and Pair of spacers.
Colour: Grey
Grille: Custom perforated aluminium grille with open-cell fiber and water repellent woven fabric backing
Height: 463mm
Width: 463mm
Depth: 433mm
Net Weight: 19.2Kg

P6215 Dimension Diagram

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