QM 212AS Powered Sub-bass

Quest QM 212AS is a compact, powered, 2 x 12" multi-chamber sub-woofer system. All the advantages the passive QM 212S with the addition of integrated electronics.

QM 212AS Powered Sub-bass back

QM 212AS Powered Sub-bass front

A power amplifier (800W), electronic crossovers, equalisation and speaker protection is all integrated into the QM 212AS amplifier module. Adjustable low pass filter for the sub bass amplifier allows the user to change the mid bass roll off. High pass line level output from the stereo electronic cross-over allows the user to interface powered speakers at a variety of cross-over frequencies or as full range line level outputs. An ideal bass partner for not just the Q-motion satellite boxes, but any quality installed or portable sound reinforcement system where compact high output cub bass is required.


  • Portable PA Systems for live band sound
  • Multimedia playback
  • Mobile DJ
  • Fixed Installations
  • All small to medium-sized live and pre recorded playback


  • 800 Watt High-efficiency amplifier featuring
  • Complete, on-board subwoofer management including equalization, crossover filters, amplifier overdrive protection, output level and phase controls
  • Left and Right Stereo or Mono inputs with through signal outputs and high pass outputs


3dB Response: 45Hz - 125Hz
Max SPL Long-term: 130dB
Max SPL Peak: 133dB
Crossover Point: (QM212AS) Low pass selectable 80Hz - 400Hz
High Pass out 80 -125Hz and full range
Acoustic Design: Twin Asymmetrical loading
Woofer Size/ Voice Coil Diameter/ Design: 12"/3" coil
Connections: Male/F/male XLR + Phono
Type: (QM212AS) Class H
Rated Continuous Power: 800W
Dimensions HxWxD 500mm x 770mm x 720mm
Weight: 65Kg

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