QM Series Accessories

Quest Q Motion Series Accessories

QM12MP-RC Road Case

Roadcase packer for 2 x QM12MP mirrored foldback monitors

QM212 BAG Padded Bag

Protective transit cover for QM212 model sub bass speakers

QB1000/600 Transit Cover

Protective transit cover for QM1000a/600 model sub bass speakers

QM12FR Transit Cover

Protective transit cover for QM12FR model full range speakers

QM108-BP Base Plate

Base plate to attach QM108 to the QSA150/200 wall bracket

QM1000WB Dolly Board

Dolly board suit QMA600A/ QM1000A

QM212WB Dolly Board

QM212WB Dolly Board

Dolly board for QM212

DS Flying Clip

DS Flying Clip

Double stud aero clip fitting for all QM series Aero-track

WBQM108/10DC Brackets

WBQM108/10DC Brackets

Heavy duty vertical and horizontal wall bracket. Fits QM108/10DC, QS150 and QSA200i boxes

WB350 Wall Bracket

WB350 Wall Bracket

Heavy duty vertical and horizontal wall bracket suitable for QS 350i and QM 350i boxes.


Bracket for QM 12FR

WBCQM12FR Coupling/hanging Plate

Hanging plate for hanging of two QM12FR boxes in an array.


WB12DCBR QM12DC bracket

QM12DC bracket


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