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100V ceiling speakers that are 100 percent High output, high efficiency and high vocal definition; this trio is the objective and many claim it, but few can makeit happen across an entire product range. Quest Q-Space 100V speakers not only meet this specification but also add reliability. Quest Engineering QTC range of flush mounted 100v ceiling speakers have been built in two versions, either with a back can or without. All speakers are Co-Axial for improved intelligibility and offer excellent intelligibility. All speakers in the range are of a 'fast fit' nature, featuring white metal grills.

QTC-1000 Series ceiling speakers

Quest QTC 1000 Series Ceiling Speakers

  QTC-1050 QTC-1060  QTC-1080  QTC-1080 TC 
Type 5 Inch + 1 inch tweeter 6" +1" tweeter 8" + 1" tweeter 8" Twin Cone
Speaker Type Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial Coaxial
Rated Power 10w 15w  20w  15w 
Speaker tapings 6w, 3w, 1.5w 10w, 5w, 2.5w1.5w  15w, 10w, 5w, 2.5w  15w, 7.5w, 3.25w, 1.5w 
Line Voltage 100/70V 100/70V 100/70V 100/70V
Sensitivity 86dB 86dB  87dB  90dB 
Freq. response 80Hz-15KHz 80Hz-16KHz  80Hz-18KHz  80Hz-14KHz 
Hole size 185mm 215mm  252mm  252mm 
Weight 0.8Kg 0.9Kg  1.2Kg  0.9Kg 

QTC-2000 SERIES - Back Can Ceiling Speakers

QTC-2000 SERIES ceiling speaker

QTC-2040BC QTC-2060BC  QTC-2080BC 

Two - Way ceiling speaker with plastic back can

Two-Way ceiling speaker with plastic back can Two-way ceiling speaker with plastic back can

Fire resistant plastic vented enclosure + metal grill

Fire resistant plastic vented enclosure + metal grill Fire resistant plastic enclosure + Metal grill
Speaker Unit 4" with ¾" tweeter coaxial 5.5" with ¾" tweeter coaxial 6.5" with ¾" tweeter coaxial
Power handling


30W/40W 50W/60W
Impedance 70V/100V/8 Ω 70V/100V/8 Ω 70V/100V/8 Ω
Sensitivity 89dB 91dB 90.5dB
Freq. Response


80-18KHz 80-18KHz
Connector Terminal Phoenix in/out Phoenix in/out Phoenix in/out
Tapings 20w, 10w, 5w and 2.5w 30w, 15w, 7.5w and 3.7w 50w, 25w, 12w and 6w
Installation Flush mount fast fit Flush mount fast fit

Flush mount fast fit

Hole dimension φ195mm



Weight 1.4Kg 1.65Kg 2Kg

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