RCF 4PRO 6001-A Active Three-way Speaker

RCF 4PRO 6001-A active, medium-throw, 3-way sound reinforcement speaker, integrates a massive power 950-watt amplifier, complete electronic processor section and full neodymium RCF low-distortion, high-power transducers

4PRO 6001-A Active Three-way Speaker

The system is light, compact and extremely linear, offering a typical balanced sound of high-level, three-way systems.

Specifically optimised to work in conjunction with the 4PRO 6001-A midrange horn, and a massive neodymium magnet with compression driver level assembly, the design has been dedicated to reach low distortion and dynamic properties for this transducer.

The compression driver uses a new 1.75" pure titanium dome in front of a low-compression, optimised geometry, three-slot phase plug. This innovative design is powered from an extremely high-flux neodymium magnet and offers incredible precision in high frequency reproduction.

Acoustical Specifications

Frequency Response: 50-20Khz
Max SPL: 134dB
Coverage angle: 80° x 60°
Compression driver Neo 1"
Midrange: Neo 8"
Woofer: 2x Neo 12"
Input Section
Input Signal Impedance: Bal/Unbal
Input Signal Connector: Jack/ XLR
Output Signal Connector: XLR
Input sensitivity: 0 dBu
Processor Section  
Crossover frequencies: 360Hz/2000Hz
Protections: uC Protection
Limiter: Fast limiter
Master volume: Yes
Nominal power: 950 Watt
High frequencies: ab/50 Watt
Mid frequencies: H/300Watt
Low frequencies: H/600 Watt
Cooling: Forced

Physical Specifications

Height: 920mm
Width: 525mm
Depth: 550mm
Net Weight: 55Kg
Cabinet: Baltic Birch
Hardware: 3 Fly Traks
Handles: 2 side, 1 top
Pole mount/cap -
Colour: Black

4PRO 6001-A Dimension Diagram

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