TTL33-A Active Three-Way Line Array Module

Advanced technologies, knowledge, experience, continuous engineering effort and dedication enabled RCF to the TL33-A, an active, ultra compact, wide dispersion, line array module that sets a new standard in touring and theatre sound reinforcement.

Small like a "mini" array that sounds bigger than a "compact".

TTL33-A Active Three-Way Line Array

The design philosophy is based upon offering the sound engineer solutions and tools that are ready to use. Key factors are the ability to sustain very high power with highly efficient sound pressure levels. Intense sound levels are created with extremely high definition and extended dynamic range. Modern construction materials result in mechanical weight ratios that are light for practical flying and portability.

Digital processing: An integrated digital processor is based on a state of the art 24-bit, floating point DSP running at 96 KHz sampling rate. The calculation capacity largely exceeds the processing needs and the DSP is never pushed to the limit. Crossover and equalization of the six transducers, limiter, and system presets: high pass, air absorption and cluster size corrections.

Digital power: A 750-watt switching power supply and 3 digital amplifiers power the TTL33-A: 500-watt mid-bass, 500-watt midrange and 250 watt compression driver. Very high output, extremely low distortion and natural sound. All the amplifiers and digital processing are housed in an aluminum extrusion external to the cabinet for best heat dissipation.

Compression drivers: A new compression driver unit has been developed in RCF specifically for array applications. The best ratio between the size of the diaphragm and the overall diameter and the very small total size makes the ND1411-MT a unique driver for application in line on straight horns. TTL33-A houses 3 of them for perfect HF control.

Controlled mid-bass: Two light and reliable neodymium 8", in a band pass loading configuration, provides a tight and loud mid-bass. Thanks to a careful acoustic design the sensitivity in the 100 Hz region is almost double than typical, same size, designs.

High output midrange: A fast and accurate horn loaded 8" takes care of the midrange frequencies. Powerful neodymium magnet, aluminum die cast basket, aluminum back can in direct contact to the rear plate for best heat dissipation.

Reliable mechanics: Laser cut high quality steel bars and precision machining for an easy to use and reliable mechanics. Thanks to the very light weight of the cabinet building the cluster is very simple, fast and effortless.

Acoustical Specification

TTL33-A Active Three-Way Line Array Module Side Detail

Frequency Response -3 dB: 60 Hz - 20 kHz
SPL peak: 134 dB
Horizontal coverage angle: 100°
Vertical coverage angle: 15°, max, depending on config.
Compression Driver: 3 X 1.0" neo, 37mm voice coil
Midrange: 8" neo, 64mm voice coil
Woofer: 2 x 8" neo, 64 mm voice coil

Input/Output Section

TTL33-A Active Three-Way Line Array Module

Input signal: Balanced/unbalanced
Input connectors: XLR
Output connectors: XLR
Input sensitivity: -2 dBu / + 4 dBu

Processor Section

Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz / 1800 Hz
Protections: Thermal, HF
Limiter: fast limiter
Controls: HF correction, cluster size, HPF
Phase switch: x
Controls: HF correction, cluster size
High pass: Yes, 100 Hz

Amplifier Specification

Total power: Switching 750 Watts
High frequencies: D/250 Watts
Mid frequencies: D/500 Watts
Low frequencies: D/500 Watts
Cooling: Convection/forced
Connections: Powercon in/out

Physical Specification

Height: 300mm
Width: 760mm
Depth: 450mm
Net Weight: 32Kg
Cabinet Material: Baltic birch
Hardware: Array side fittings
Handles: 2 on side
Colour: Black

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