WS 620XT All Weather Speaker

This compact speaker is designed to be flush-mounted. Its particular construction characteristics make it suitable for outdoor use and boats.

WS 620XT All Weather Speaker


  • 2 way speaker with Co Axial tweeter for High quality speech and music reproduction
  • Built in 100/70v transformer
  • IP 55 Construction makes this speaker suitable for use with the grill facing harsh weather conditions


Type: 2 way speaker with coaxial tweeter
Installation system: Flush-mounted
Nominal/maximum power: 12/24 W
Speaker Impedance:
Sensitivity: 91 dB (1 W/1 m)
Maximum sound pressure: 105 dB/1m
Angle of dispersion related to speech intelligibility: 120°
Dimensions: Ø 165 x 115 mm.
Maximum protrusion: 18 mm.
Speakers: 6" coaxial tweeter
Hole for flush-mounting: 132 mm
Weight: 1.1 Kg.

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